Decluttering your bedside tables

Do you feel like you have no room to put things? Your bedside table getting so cluttered and starting to look like a mess?  Recently that was exactly me! My bedside tables were becoming so messy and cluttered I couldn’t even put a water bottle next to my bed! 

I knew something had to be done! So I went down to Kmart (one my favourite shops), originally with the intention to by  a white shelving peg board! When looking around the home area, I ended up coming across this! A metal board with adjustable positions for shelves and hooks! 

This is much more my style then the peg board I originally planned on getting! And only $28! Fits perfectly within budget! 

I now have a shelf for my perfumes, scents, Mimco pouch and my collect of Bondi sands bottles (I’m addicted). These hooks are perfect to hang my necklaces that I wear often and sunglass cases! Plus I still have some spare hooks to use! 

I also styled these with some LED candles I picked up also from Kmart for $10. I love the colours you can make them and there is no worry of causing a fire!

What bargains have you got from Kmart?

Jessica Lea xx


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